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I understand that watching the puppies is the best therapy.  What could be better?  

I'm adding a few comics this week that describe life with an Entlebucher.  If you are unfamiliar with any of these situations, be confident that your Entlebucher knows them well.


Three weeks old - already!


Little Larch have an evening meal.  She doesn't like the bottle but is ok with private time with Mom.

In a couple weeks, we will have our homes selected and will start on matching puppies to homes.  This is part of the AVIDog philosophy - creating the best life for ALL of the puppies rather than just worrying about the Pick of the Litter or top show/competition dog.  

Our process will involve asking you more questions - this time about the attritubes you hope to find in your Entlebucher and your family habits.  In the litter, there will be one pup that is a bit quieter, perhaps more worried about being with their person at ALL times (see bathroom cartoon above).  There will be a pup that is particularly athletic and likely higher energy.  There could be one that seems to have extraordinary scenting ability and one that is brave and confident, even without his person along.  One may be less aware of his size and strength (see lap dog cartoon).

Our process tries to match each individual puppy with a home that values and desires their natural characteristics.  

Also in the next few weeks, you will be asked to select a name for your puppy.  This is the Tree Litter, our 2nd, and all puppies will need a name that begins with the letter "B".  Their full registered names will include "of Bar TT Ranch" at the end.  Some examples are Barbie of Bar TT Ranch or Big Teddy of Bar TT Ranch.  Of course, your registered name does not need to be your call name, but it will be the name used at competitions and other official events.  So give it some thought, especially if yelling "Cuddle Bumpkin" at the park might be embarrasing.  


Spruce has become quite fond of her evening bottle and snuggle before bedtime.


Nelson (left) and Nakita out enjoying a rousing game of fetch while the puppies sleep.

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