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Week 5, from Oct 8 to 14th

Growing, eating, pooping and playing!  We've been so lucky to have warm fall weather and the pups have enjoyed it.  They've played in the grass and on the deck.  They've gone for a wagon ride to so I' the barn, visited horses and kittens.  They've met some young children, and some older folks too.

Spruce is still getting a supplemental bottle each evening and we really enjoy our little snuggle together.  Those teeth are coming in fast, so I'm not sure how long the nipples will hold up.

Now that the puppies are a bit bigger and able to move quite well, Nakita allows Nelson into the nursery to play - to everyone's delight.  He's a great dad, playing gently with the little ones and a bit rougher with the bigger, braver ones.

We have our families selected and are now working on collecting matching information.  These pups will cross the country, literally from sea to sea.  From Conception Bay South, Newfoundland to Chemainus on Vancouver Island.  

Two of the Bar TT Trees will join A Litter Tractors in the Calgary area.  We are delighted that we will be able to stay in close touch with these pups.  Of course, we hope that we will have the opportunity to stay connected with all of our puppy families through summer events at the ranch and at Entlefest.  Plan now for Entlefest  2021 in Washington state.  It will be the most fun you can have with your dog!

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