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6 Weeks Old - Oct 21st

Busy, loud and messy - that's how you describe pups at 6 weeks old.  Perhaps that why some breeders send them home.  But it's really too early yet.  They are eating solids, and know something about a potty box.  They definitely don't sleep all night yet and they are still learning about life in the pack.  

Papa and Mama consistently play with them and teach them how to behave with bigger or older dogs.  They need to know this.  They take comfort sleeping together and playing side by side in the pen.  They are now wrestling and climbing, chewing and biting.  Watch your toes and any loose phone charging cable.  They confidently run through the tunnel and often sleep in there.

They get super excited when Mama or a human approach the pen, squealing like howler monkeys.  I could barely hear the phone ringing and decided there was really no point in trying to answer with all the background noise.

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