What is AVIDog?

AVIDog is a protocol for helping puppies develop to be all that they can possibly be.  From their first moment in the world, each puppy has potential, limited somewhat by their circumstances, particularly any health difficulties, the quality of the mothering they receive and the environment of their early days.  As breeders and puppy buyers we can have huge influence over their early environment.  We still can't solve the physical  or medical issues they may face but we can ensure security of food, safety of home and a gentle, confident introduction to the world in which they will live.

I joined the AVIDog program just over a year ago, hoping to learn all I would need to breed, whelp and raise a litter of healthy puppies.  It has turned out to be a lifetime of learnng with a worldwide classroom available 24/7 online.  These are my "Puppy People", the ones to whom I turn when I see something new and am not sure how I should respond.

There may be other puppy rearing programs available.  But AVIDog has everything we need and more.  From nutritional and exercise support for breeding to helping puppy owners navigate the challenges in their first year, AVIDog has the answers.

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