Puppies have arrived as of May 2nd.  We are now accepting applications from interested families.

Please download and complete the application, then return it to littlelaureen@gmail.com.

Updates from the C Litter will be added here.  Keep watching for puppy news!  If you are new to the Bar TT Entlebucher C Litter news, start at the bottom of the page and work your way up.

Puppy News

May 21:

Getting to know you.  How can you tell which pup is which?   With a breed like Entlebuchers which are so uniform, collars are essential.


When you are with a group of Entlebuchers, you will discover that they each have unique markings even though at first glance they look very similar.  Sometimes it's the blaze - wide or narrow that distinguishes them.  Other times they may have a unique tail with a small kink or no white tip.  The white on the paws may also help. 


Often it's the belly that confirms which one is yours.  If all else fails,  you will know your Entle s the one that comes and sits beside you!


Banff has a perfect blaze, narrow and right up to the crown of his head.  You can see his perfectly marked front toes as well.


Champion is considerably darker than the other pups.  She has a small blaze on her nose but almost black front paws


Camrose has a thin blaze and her nose is whiter on the right than the left.  She has nicely marked white toes - just missing one toe on the front right.


Cremona has a wider blaze than most of the pups and it is nicely centred on her nose.  Her front right paw has less white than the front left.

Kiscoty has a blaze that widens at the crown.  His nose is whiter on the left and his front right toes are barely marked with white.


Vermilion's blaze is almost triangular, centred on her nose with jst a hint of white going up her forehead.  She has nicely marked white toes.

Empress has a blaze that only goes part way up her forehead.  It is quite narrow at the top and then widens abruptly at the nose.


Taber is often making noise - whch helps me identify him.  He has a lovely blaze, slightly offset to the left of his nose, it goes right up to the crown with feathering at the top.  His right front paw has slightly less white than the left but both are nicely marked with white toes.


Oyen is generally identified by size more than anything else.  He is considerably larger than most of the pups and very round at this point.  He has a lovely symmetrical marking on his nose and a very refined, feathered blaze extending up his forehead.

May 7:

A busy day at the whelping box.  We had phone calls with prospective families, visitors to see the puppies and the usual routine. 


Today's scent introduction was a boot that I wore yesterday to take a mare to the vet, (Its' breeding time for horses).  The boot is a leather upper with composite sole and has visible remains of horse manure and mud in the tread.  Interestingly, the pups were much more interested in staying close to this scent than the peppermint oil, yesterday.

May 20:  I hope you can identify the pups with their towns from today's photos.

May 19:

The puppies are doing well. 

  • Oyen is the biggest, fattest one at 1..019 kg now.  He started at 327 g, so that's a lot of eating and growing in 17 days!

  • Taber is next, at 961 g (308 at birth).

  • Then Kiscoty 902 g(from 323 g) and Banff 900 g (born at 263 g).

  • At 855 g, we have both Vermilion (333 g to start)and Cremona (320 g at birth).

  • Camrose weighs in at 840 g today (from 330 at birth).

  • And Empress is at 789 g (from 293 g).

  • Little Champion only took 2 extra tube feeds yesterday but we fit in several solo nursing sessions for her.  She's now at 520 g, up from 173 shortly after birth.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that the little one will ever catch up but they usually do.  In our first litter, Kubota was tiny - 137 g and is now a solid Entlebucher of 45 lb.  In Litter B, Lady, our pup with 3 1/2 legs had a tough start but is a great family pet, around 40 lb.​


 May 13th:
It's been a busy few days.  But I do have some photos to add for you.  Meanwhile, we have several pups with one eye open - I'm sure the rest will follow shortly.  I don't believe they can really see yet - like human babies, it takes a while to figure out how to focus.  Slowly but surely, their world is becoming more interesting.  They have sniffed a variety of items - a budding raspberry cane, peppermint oil, my deodorant, instant coffee.  I gathered a few spruce cones for them to try today.  Some enjoy the sensory inputs while others are decidedly not impressed.

One difference - Lavender is now big enough to wear her collar! Go Champion!

May 8:

The puppies had a visitor today.  Pieter, our son and school teacher dropped by.  I took advantage of the help to get photos of the pups from a better angle.  Hopefully you will be able to see all of the pups, identified by their collar colours.   All of the pups continue to grow and emit a wide range of vocalizations.  I will post a video of their sounds as well.  I hope you enjoy hearing and seeing them!
Red - Vermilion, Yellow - Cremona, Blue - Kiscoty, Soft Pink - Empress, Grey - Oyen,  Bright Green - Taber, Black - Banff, Fluorescent Orange - Camrose, Lavender - Champion