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Breeding Education


Thousands of years ago, wolves evolved to live with humans for mutual benefit.  Overtime, people started to breed selectively for specific physical and temperament characteristics.  Every 'selected' breeding reduces the diversity of the animal both genetically and physically.  Over time, some genetic traits are lost while others become emphasized.


Modern dog breeds originated from selective breeding to create the 'type' and then inbreeding to maintain those characteristics.  The Entlebucher began in Switzerland with a small number of dogs.  After two world wars, the numbers were even smaller.  As a result, the gene pool is quite limited, with many dogs having very similar genetics.

When inbreeding is continued too far, the species can suffer health and reproductive problems.  They become less fit in terms of breed survival.  At Bar TT Entlebuchers, we choose mating pairs very carefully - to increase genetic diversity, by avoiding mates with common ancestors.  Our priorities for breeding are health & survival of the breed, including temperament considerations.

We have become students of animal husbandry through our quarter horse breeding and continue to learn about the genetics of Entlebuchers.  Our continued education is important to the survival of this wonderful breed of dogs.  Before we choose a mate for our dogs, we will check for duplicate names in their pedigree, common ancestors between the proposed mating pair,  the pair's coefficient of inbreeding and their mean kinship values.  All of these measures help us to choose mates with differences in their genetic code, enhancing the breed survival and improving our chances of healthy pups and larger litters.  

Continuing Education Courses Completed:

American Kennel Club Canine College 

          AKC Breeding Basics

          ABC's of Dog Breeding - Genetics 1 & 2

                                                          Breeding Systems



                                                          Anatomy 1 & 2

                                                          Kennel Blindness

                                                          Genetic Defects

          Nutritional Influences on Reproduction

          Whelping & Medical Intervention

Institute of Canine Biology 

          COI Bootcamp - complete

          Useful Genetics - complete

AVIDog Breeder College

          Your Litter A to Z - complete

          Stud Dog - complete

          Heat Cycles Simplified - complete

          Puppy Evaluation Testing - complete

          Introduction to Transformational Dog Breeding - complete

Seminars Attended

Avidog - Transformational Puppy Evaluation and Matching
Calgary, Sept 21-22, 2019

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