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When you head home with your Bar TT Ranch Entlebucher puppy, you can be confident that you have purchased a registered CKC dog.  Below is our litter registration for the Tree Litter.

To the right is a copy of Nakita's pedigree certificate and regsitration certificate from the Canadian Kennel Club.  Your puppy will be entitled to both of these documents which show his/her lineage and proof of registration.

The CKC offers many benefits to dog owners, including an opportunity to show or compete with your dog.  They also offer free puppy insurance for the early days at home.  Read more about the CKC at this link.  

In addition, your puppy will be recorded with the National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association, NEMDA, the official breed parent club.   Your puppy will be entered into the online pedigree database, along with their siblings.  This resource will become handy if/when you decide you are ready to breed your dog.  NEMDA provides a free service to assist dog owners in selecting the best available mates for genetic diversity and breed survival.  They also require breeders to follow an agreed Code of Ethics  to ensure that Entlebuchers are bred with temperament, health and longevity in mind.  With only a few dogs scattered across the continent, it is great to have this resource and community.

NEMDA provides many helpful suggestions for new puppy owners and creates a support group for Entlebucher owners to help each other.  Their quarterly publication, the Entlebook, is an excellent source of news in the community including articles of interest to puppy owners, agility competitors and breeders.  Annually, they host an event called Entlefest, to celebrate our wonderful dogs, meet other dogs and owners and enjoy some Entle fun.  The annual photo contest results in a fantastic Entlebucher calendar.  As a new puppy owner, you are eligible for a free membership to NEMDA for one year.  With membership, you will receive access to a  listing of all Entlebucher owners and breeders in North America.  Read more about NEMDA here.


NEMDA's committees work by phone conference to benefit the breed, deciding on research to follow or support and maintaining a health data.  They also work with the AKC and other Swiss breeds on events and issues and are always looking for new enthusiastic Entle helpers.  Committee work is a great way to meet others with similar interests and grow your knowledge of this amazing breed.  

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