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Puppy Names

Our adult dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.  Nakita  also holds registration with the Livre Official Francais, the Kennel Club in France.  The kennel clubs seem to have agreed that puppies born in Canada must be first registered with the CKC.  Subsequently, you can choose to transfer them to the AKC (if you live and/or compete in the USA) or retain both registrations.  

The rules for naming puppies are very similar - You have 35 characters to work with.  You need to allow for the suffix "of Bar TT Ranch" and the spaces in your count.  If you need the full 35 characters for your chosen name, the suffix will bring you to 50 characters, which is allowed at a slight surcharge.

Some families are very creative, including something that indicates the dog owner's favourite pastime or their home location.  We've had Alaska's Nuka, Angler's Tippett and Aengus Madra Rockatansky of Bar TT Ranch.  Of course, those pups were all from the "A" litter.  You will need a name that starts with the letter "B".

If you come up with the perfect name for your pup, be sure to send me a note so that it is reserved for you.  It is very rare to have any conflicts on names but just in case, I'll save the name for the first family that identifies it as theirs.

CKC Puppy Names.jpg
CKC Puppy Names.jpg
CKC Puppy Names.jpg
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