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Finding an Entlebucher pup

Because they are a rare breed, you may have to wait a while before that fluffy ball is yours to take home.  A year or more is not uncommon when searching for an Entle.  Be assured the wait is worthwhile.

We found Nelson at "Eagleheart Entlebuchers" in Eugene, OR, USA.   We chose this established NEMDA breeder based on a number of their dogs that we met in person. 


NEMDA is the breed parent group  and the steward of the breed in America.  Breeders with NEMDA sign a Breeders' Code of Ethics, committing to health testing their breeding stock, reporting health and death details of their dogs and the results of breeding attempts.  It is critical to the survival of the breed that we know which breedings were attempted, how many pups were live born and what problems arose, so that we can continue breeding only dogs that produce stable, healthy offspring.

We chose our female based on pedigree bloodlines, health scores and show records published by the French Kennel Club (SCC) for her breeder.  It was important to find a breeder with goals similar to our own. 


Nakita was located at "de Jude la Cathare" kennel in Saint Ferriol, Aude, France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees.  It took us almost two years to find this breedeer and then several more months for our princess to arrive.  We had the females all tested for the genetically controlled PRA-prcd, progressive eye disease and selected Nakita as the only "Clear" female.

Baby Nelson 5 wks.jpg
IMG_3730[1].JPG 2016-1-1-20:51:18

Bar TT Ranch Entlebuchers

Bergen, Alberta, Canada

Eagleheart Entlebuchers


Unfortunately, not all puppies are responsibly bred and raised to be healthy, well adjusted family pets.  Do your homework and ask questions.  Meet the parents if possible.  Review photographs of previous litters.  Be especially cautious of puppies advertised in the local paper or online ads.  Instead, always look for breeders recognised by their National Kennel Club - AKC in the USA, CKC in Canada or FCI in Europe. 


In our search for new bloodlines, I checked with breeders about dogs in France, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Austria, Germany, and the UK.  I learned a lot about pedigrees, improved my language skills, made new friends and came home with our delightful Nakita Josephine.

NEMDA is a fantastic resource for anyone searching for a puppy.  Their BCOE members are well connected and generally know where litters are expected.  Any of the members will be happy to help you in your search.


National Kennel Clubs

Contacted in Europe

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