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Puppy Questions?

Things you might be wondering.

Is an Entle for us?

Entlebuchers are cattle herders, and like the other herding breeds they have lots of energy.  Can you provide two long walks every day? Rain or shine?  Is your yard big enough to play a rousing session of fetch a couple more times a day?  Take the quiz now!

Where can I meet an Entle?

Dog shows are often a good place to check out a breed but with Entles, it's a little more challenging.  There are very few showing Entles and only a few more neutered family pets.  We can help you find an Entle nearby to visit.

When will you have puppies?

We will not breed our dogs until we have families lined up to take all of the available pups.  Litters can be anywhere from one to eight pups.  They are generally about 50% male, 50% female, but some litters can be all one gender.  The more flexible you are about gender, the sooner you can expect your pup.  We want you to be sure you want a full grown Entlebucher - all puppies are cute but dogs need permanent, loving homes.  Click here to see how fast they grow.

How much does a puppy cost?

We sell our puppies for $ 2,500 US each, subject to change.  It may seem expensive at first, but we work hard to produce healthy, long-lived, socially stable dogs.   If you have questions, please ask. We are happy to explain how we breed and raise our puppies. 

Poorly bred or raised dogs may not be the bargain they appear, sometimes suffering from painful and expensive ailments or having difficult temperaments.  Your dog will be part of your life for many years.  We encourage you to make sure you have the best chance at a healthy, emotionally stable, loving companion.

Below, are some ways that we work to grow great puppies. 

  • We have carefully selected our breeding stock, travelling overseas to obtain new genetic lines. 

  • We select our mates to achieve low levels of relatedness in puppies, using NEMDA's COI service to reduce the chances for genetic health and temperament concerns.

  • We belong to NEMDA, our breed parent group and their Breeder Code of Ethics group.

  • We health test for all known heritable conditions, (hip dysplasia, elbow & knee laxity, PRA-prcd), and annually check for any sign of eye disease, (glaucoma, cataracts). 

  • We add extra health testing when a concern arises - recently we tested for cardiac conditions in response to the DCM dog food scare

  • We read, take courses and participate in online groups to study dog health and reproduction.  Other breeders within the NEMDA BCOE group provide knowledgeable support.

  • We support other Entlebucher breeders by collecting, testing and storing semen for aritificial insemination.  Fertility is tested at colletion, after several days of chilled storage and after frozen samples have been thawed for shipping.

  • We have professionally prepared legal contracts for breeding females and new puppy owners to provide clarity and reduce conflict in the future.

  • We raise our puppies the AVIDog way, with specific early neural stimulation.

  • We train our dogs in a variety of events to better understand their abilities and perferences. 

  • We participate in NEMDA work on committees to further the health and survival of the breed.

  • We follow our dogs and puppies for their lifetime, providing assistance and encouragement to our puppy families.

  • We encourage owners to consider breeding their dog, once they have passed the health screens and will assist them, in order that more Entlebuchers pass on their genetic code for the future.

  • We treat our dogs and puppies as family members, providing them with professional ongoing veterinary care, (not just an annual check-up), daily exercise and mental stimulation, training or working on the ranch, and a healthy diet to keep them active, lean and ready for life.

Not all breeders go this extra mile.  We encourage you to meet the parent dogs and some offspring if possible to see what you are getting.  Ask to see the health screening that has been done on both parents.  Get to know the breeder and make sure you would include them in your circle of friends - you will be part of their puppy family for many years.

And remember, the initial cost is only the beginning.  If you will not be able to provide great ongoing care and companionship for your dog at this time, we ask that you wait for the right time to bring a new dependent being into your life. 


These are GREAT dogs.  They deserve GREAT owners and the best life we can give them.

Do you offer pups for 'breeding' or 'showing' ?

2018 Best In Breed: Neo of Brunswick

It's not always easy to pick the best show dog from young pups.  The same is true of breeding or performance potential.  Show dogs must catch the eye of the audience.  Breeding dogs must pass on their best traits.  Performance dogs must maintain their athleticism and desire.  There is no guarantee with pups, but if you are interested in breeding or showing, let us know and we'll select a pup that we expect has the potential to succeed.  We use the APET puppy assessment method to evaluate temperament.  We have a professional AKC judge assess the litter for conformation.  Combining this information helps us to match each puppy to its best available home.

Watch the Show: Westminster Kennel Club - Entlebucher Mountain Dogs, 2018

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