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More about Entlebuchers

  • Entlebuchers are medium sized dogs, although their size can vary significantly, and European lines tend to be leaner and smaller overall than American lines.  Males can weigh from 50 to 70 lb and females from 40 to 50 lb.  Males are between 17 and 21 inches at the shoulder and females are 16 to 20 inches.

  • Entles, (rhyming with either Gently), as they are commonly known in North America, are strong and can pull a cart.  They can also push or pull their owners over if not trained.  They are known for the 'Entlebucher Leap', an almost vertical jump that can easily exceed 5 feet.  Their enthusiasm is contagious but they do require training to be a good household pet.

  • ​Entles are happy, active, friendly dogs and love their families.  They are devoted companions, sensitive to their owners, easy to train and have a very agreeable nature.  They are enthusiastic and lively.  They love to play or work.  They are almost tireless.  In Switzerland, they are called the 'laughing dog' because of their intelligent and friendly face.

  • Entlebuchers are slightly longer than they are tall and especially as pups, they have an elongated middle section that 'waddles' when they walk.  ​Females are smaller and finer than the males, with a feminine look, but often it seems the females run the roost and have fire-cracker personalities.

  • ​They were developed to be cattle drovers, escorting the cattle up the mountain paths to the summer pasture in the alps.  All summer, they lived with and protected the cattle and the cheese maker from wild predators.  In the fall, the cattle and cheese returned to the valley for the winter. 


  • Entlebuchers were all round farm dogs in the Swiss alpine villages, providing herding and guarding of the cattle all summer and then pulling the milk cart in the winter.  They allowed small farmers to supply milk to the village without the cost of a horse.

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