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4 Weeks Old - Oct 7

How times flies.  The pups are really fun now, looking and acting more like little dogs.  They squeal and pur - the beginnings of barking and growling. 


They enjoy new toys and each other much more.  Willow has been grabbing ears until the other pup screams.  Others hang onto tails.  A little foil cat ball is perhaps the favourite toy - it is just their size and makes great crinkly noise.

They have graduated from the whelping box - it was getting a little small to have much fun.  They still sleep there, because Nakita is able to jump in very easily from the back of the couch.  For most of the day, they have a slightly larger pen, filled with toys and obstacles.

In both places, they have litter trays with pee pads to attract them at the right moment.  They are being quite successful on getting poops in the tray.  Pee will take longer.

The pups have some teeth now but mama is still in charge of feeding.  I like to make sure they understand the potty box before we introduce food if possible.  Life gets messier from here.

We are starting to have more visitors, to the pups' delight!  The more positive experience they have with different people, the better.  I am especially happy to have several young children in the neighbourhood that enjoy puppy visits.  Thank goodness the puppy room is large enough to avoid Covid concerns.

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