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Where are the trees growing now?

The Bar TT Ranch Trees are headed across the country, from sea to sea.  In Calgary, we will be lucky to have two pups join one from the Tractor litter.  Although rare, people are staing to take notice of this breed.  Don't be surprised when folks ask what kind of cross your rescue pup is.  They'll make all kinds of guesses.  But a few people will ask you about your Entlebucher, completely knowledgeable about the breed.

Once your puppies arrive at home, we hope that you will send us a photo to post here, showing your puppy in their new home and with their family.  We've seen pups swimming in Arizona and kayaking in Alaska.  What will yours be up to?

Homes B Litter.png

A Litter - the Bar TT Ranch Tractors Homes

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