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The puppies are here!  The puppies are here!

It was a long night and a long day.  Both Nakita and I were exhausted, but our lovely litter has arrived.  January 30 from about 3:30 to 8:30 am.  

We have 7 pups, from 6 oz up to 10 oz in size and all have got the nursing figured out. They now eat with great enthusiasm and squirm around the whelping box looking quite sturdy.

Mom is doing a great job, keeping those little ones fed and cleaned up and happy.  She prefers that they stay close and has gone to bring stragglers back to the group a few times.  Maybe it's the herding instinct.

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Puppy Photos
A Litter Tractors.jpg





The TRACTOR Litter

New Holland
blue, male 


purple, male

yellow, male 

Field Marshall
dark green, female


orange, female 

John Deere
light green, female


pink, female 

Puppy Names
Puppy Videos

January 18: Today's adventure.  The dogs like it best if we take a different path - every day.  So we headed out cross country today.  I wasn't really lost - but I didn't exactly come out where I thought I was either.  We had a good, long walk and then the dogs had a long nap.

Older News

Welcome to Arizona! 

January 16, 2020

Nakita doesn't look very impressed here.  I think she's feeling tired and probably a little uncomfortable.  She and Nelson continue to enjoy their morning walks and their ball chasing.  They have both started back to school at the Verde Valley Dog Agility Club - Nakita in Obedience and Nelson in Agility.  They are also starting a Treibball class, so I'm keen to try that with Nelson.  

Our preparations are ongoing.  The whelping box is ready and the bedding has arrived.  The dogs keep trying to steal the new puppy toys from the closet - especially the grunting hedgehog.  He's going to be a hit, at least with the adults.

It's so nice to be somewhere warmer as we contemplate the arrival of puppies.  Just walking outside without worry about falling on the ice is wonderful.  The dogs love to run through the desert off leash and enjoy checking out all their regular spots to see who's been by with mail (markings) lately.  

I've been working on nail maintenance with both dogs.  Neither love this activity but Nelson has improved so much.  I was able to trim one foot each today with the help of some excellent liver treats.  We'll start the puppies early so hopefully they don't have so much fear of the snipping sound.


January 8, 2020


Congratulations are in order.  

Nelson & Nakita are expecting!

Stay tuned for details.

Nelson and Nakita posed for their Birth Announment photo on Jan 8/20.  Their matings were Dec 1, 2  & 5th, so we expect puppies to arrive around Feb 3rd.  


   Puppy Sac   



I am no expert in interpreting ultrasound images.  Perhaps some of you will be able to see the puppy sacs.  They are dark and roundish in the scans below.  Within each sac, there should be a puppy. 

In the video clips below, you may see the pups (the lighter colour within the dark sac) move.  The vet showed me several strong heart beats and some very active pups. 

Nakita has held a very steady weight in the past at 40 lbs. but currently, she is just about 48 lbs.  Dogs are amazing, with gestation of only 65 days they produce perfect, tiny pups.  There's definitely a lot going on in that expanding belly!

December 6, 2019

Hello and Best Wishes for the Holiday Season! 
Merry Christmas!  Happy Hanukah!  Feliz Navidad! 
(Please don’t feel excluded by my meagre list.  I’m happy to add to it.)


Here at the ranch, we have big news.  We drove home from Arizona in early November, anticipating that Nakita could go into heat and not wanting her stressed by flying in a crate.  It was an uneventful trip and we arrived home to a wonderland of snow.  Nakita’s OFA hip results arrived soon after – with a score of “Good”.  So she is all clear to breed.


Nakita went into heat on November 20 and we have now had two successful, well-timed ties.  At the moment, our best guess is that puppies might arrive at the beginning of February.


What’s unique about this planned litter?  We imported Nakita from France intentionally to lower the Wright’s Co-efficient of Inbreeding (COI) of our puppies.  The COI involves a lot of math and pedigree accuracy.  Fortunately, the National Entlebucher Mountain Dog Association (NEMDA) has collected pedigrees for our breed and calculated our COI with the following results.


                        Nelson               Nakita              Pups

     COI5           5.71%                4.72%               0.37%

     COI10       21.24%              18.00%             10.65%


These puppies will have COIs that are 10 times lower than either parent – the result of new genetic material being combined.  We hope that offspring from our litter will create a line of lower COI Entlebuchers that can improve health, fertility and breed survival.


What’s next?  Canine gestation is roughly 63 days from ovulation.  Mating can be successful from about 3 days before to 5 days after ovulation but realistically, there are generally only 2 to 3 fertile days each heat cycle.  Given our dates, we anticipate pups somewhere around the first week of February, 2020 in Cottonwood, Arizona.  We will plan an Ultrasound Examination in about a month to confirm pregnancy and try to get an idea of the number of puppies.  So until then, please keep your fingers crossed!


If you haven’t already, we encourage you to submit your Puppy Application.  Once we have an idea of numbers, we will request references, conduct interviews, select homes and request a deposit.  If you already have found a puppy or have committed to another breeder, please let us know.  Similarly, if you have decided to wait for a future litter, perhaps a litter in Alberta, just let us know and we’ll remove you from the A Litter communication. 


We will keep a ‘Reserved’ list in case someone drops out or we have more pups than expected.  These families will be on the top of the list for Litter B.  We will collect information on the best kind of puppy from you as well, in case we need to move you up the list, (Puppy Match Information) but we won’t ask for a deposit. 


You can expect an update in about a month as we learn more about this hopeful pregnancy.  We hope you are as excited about an Entlebucher puppy as we are. 







Laureen, Ian
Nelson & Nakita

More information for Litter A families

* Please let me know if you have expressed an interest in a pup and have not received these documents by email already.   I have had some trouble with my email reaching its destination lately.  I don't want you to miss out because of a computer glitch. 

                                    Sept 5, 2019


Our very first puppies!

Hazel Jean has delivered 8 healthy puppies in Oregon.  The very first, a male, has been named Dudley DoRight, in honour of his Canadian heritage.  

Congratulations to Hazel & Nelson and Country Glen Entlebuchers!  Check out their website if you might be interested in a puppy.  They should be ready to head home in about 8 weeks.  You can follow their progress on facebook.

Pictures below show the happy couple and the ultrasound showing puppies on board.


Hazel with Nelson's first litter of 8 healthy pups.

                                   December 13, 2019

Hello Entlebucher friends,

I am posting a few pictures of our happy dogs, back in snowy Alberta for the Christmas season.  They sure enjoy the snow!


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