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Ready to apply for a puppy?

Compete our application, give us a call and send us an email.  We'd love to hear from you!  Contact details at the bottom of the page.

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Before you say "Yes" to a puppy ...

Everyone loves puppies!  But before you commit to sharing your life with a fur bundle for the next 15 years, please consider carefully how you will accomodate your dog's needs and your own lifestyle preferences.  

  • What do you do for fun?  Can a dog join in this activity?

  • What about holidays and travel?  Will the dog accompany you?

  • When you have to leave your dog, who will care for him?

  • If he becomes sick, can you afford to provide good veterinary care?

There are many different ways to care for a dog.  Just be sure you have a plan that provides a great life for your Bar TT Entlebucher puppy, then add your name to our Puppy List. 

There will be some paperwork and conversation as we confirm that you've considered the decision carefully and have a good plan.  Then you will receive updates on breeding plans, pregnancies and puppies until we have the perfect puppy for you.


Spruce aka Lady
from the B Litter

Try other NEMDA BCOE breeders to see if they have any puppies expected.

Protect yourself  from unscrupulous breeders by asking these questions.

Breeder Questions


Caterpillar aka Nuka
from the A Litter

From our knowledge of you, your family,  activities and lifestyle, we will choose a puppy that we believe will be the best fit for you.  We want the puppy's natural drives to meet the goals you have for the dog.  So please tell us who you really are and what activities you dream of doing with your dog.

Bringing a puppy into your home will change things.  The pup's needs will have priority.  And the first several weeks require a plan to accomplish house training and key socialization goals.  Pups are primed to learn at this age, and you need to take advantage to expose them, carefully, to as many new experiences as you can.  Below are some ideas of what you will need to consider.

After you've read through what we expect from new puppy owners, please get in touch.  We can't wait to meet you and welcome you to the Bar TT Entlebucher family!

Unfortunately, not all breeders follow such rigorous programs in the breeding and raising of their puppies.  I recommend the NEMDA BCOE Breeders because I know they have completed health testing on their parent dogs, they engage in ongoing education about breed health and they each have a rearing program that exposes the pups to many sights, sounds and smells in their early days.  Each year, we sign a Code of Ethics that lays ground rules for breeding. 


For Entlebuchers, and most hearding breeds, the exposure to their future environment is critical.  The positive experiences they have before they leave the breeder will stay with them for life.  Negative experiences unfortunately also stick and can cause adult dogs a variety of problems that make them hard to live with.  Imagine a dog that WILL NOT allow anyone beyond you and your spouse into the house, or one who goes crazy barking and jumping everytime they see someone wearing a hat or a floppy skirt.  These dogs have a very limited life because they simply cannot tolerate anything outside of their 'normal'.  Be sure to scrutinize your breeder, their affiliations, memberships, breeding choices and rearing practices.  Alwyas meet the parents and ask to meet a pup from a previous litter.  These visits will tell you a lot about what to expect.

Unscrupulous Breeders

What can you expect from us? 


Although we are fairly new to breeding dogs, we have been breeding horses for some time now.  We are keenly interested in the health, happiness and athletic pursuits of our animals.  Although they may leave our care, they will always have a place at the ranch, at least in our hearts.


Your puppy will have been given personal attention, in our home from its first breaths.  We follow the AVIDog method of puppy rearing, focused on science based socialization techniques.  In short, we will do all we can in the early weeks to help it develop into the best it can be.  We will send you home with ideas for further socialization and training over the first month and year.  The early days are very important in establishing expectations in your home and providing the puppy with interactions to build its confidence in the world.  

We want to hear from you if you are having trouble.  Potty training not going so great?  Puppy seems to be afraid of things?  Unsure about socialization while keeping the puppy safe from disease?  Need some help with vacation coverage?  Whatever it is, please give us a call.


And please let us know of your successes as well.  Send us photos of you enjoying your new puppy.  Your litter mates will also be interested in the progress of their siblings.  The Entlebucher is still a rare breed.  Once you have an Entle, you are part of the family, here at the ranch but also across Canada, the USA and around the world.  Welcome!

We hope that our puppies will be highly valued and loved in their new homes.  But if there is a problem, you can count on us to help you.  We ensure that our breeding stock is health tested, evaluated for conformation and temperament, using many resources provided by NEMDA, the breed parent group.  Although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that your puppy will remain healthy through its lifetime.  Some diseases (hip dysplasia) are not as well understood, although we believe that they are affected by genetics, rearing and ongoing exercise and nutrition.  

Your puppy will have had its first set of immunizations and a health check by our veterinarian before you pick it up.  We will provide guidelines for future vaccinations, feeding, training, exercise and health care.   Appropriate nutrition and exercise  are critical to physical health and mental stability.  We will let you know of any health, structure or temperament concerns we have for your pup.

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