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September 11th - a tough night

It was a long, difficult night at the ranch.  


Larch, our smallest puppy has not been gaining weight at my 10%/day benchmark, so she has been on the "Watch List",  Mostly, I think she just started small and will likely be fine, but we will keep a close eye and step in if she needs a little help.


Spruce, the puppy with the leg deformity seemed to stall with weight gain yesterday.  Last night's weight showed the third time that she had not gained.  She was not yet losing weight - but it's a quick decline from stagnant to declining with young pups. 


The protocol for fading puppies is to ensure

  1. they are warm - cold pups are unable to digest anything

  2. they are given 5-6 drops per 100g of the Puppy Starter every 4 hours

  3. they are assisted to find and keep a nursing location anytime they show interest


Tough Night Sep 11.jpg

I mixed up some Puppy Starter - a special formula of electrolytes, concentrated sugar and critical amino acids in a pre-digested, easy to use form, after the evening weigh-in and set my alarm.  At the alarm, the puppy is weighted, woken sufficiently to open its mouth and show its tongue.  The drops are placed on the tongue, one at a time and they are given time to swallow.  When they have their drops consumed, they are returned to mom and hopefully settled in to suckle.


Our first two sessions did not show any improvement, but then early this morning, I saw a few grams of gain.  We will keep supplementing Spruce until I see consistently good gains and strong nursing behaviour, but I think we are perhaps out of the woods for last night.  

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