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September 21st

The puppies are starting to act more like puppies.  They are quite humorous as they climb over each other, tumble off the edge of the puppy pile, take a big yawn and fall asleep.  Like all babies, they are perhaps most cute when they are sleeping, all peaceful, clean and warm with full bellies.  For this update, I'm including 2 videos from Sept 18th and 19th.  I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do.  I could just sit and watch all day.

Alas, puppy care is a little more demanding than that.  Lately, the puppies and Nakita are struggling with diarrhea - likely related to a protozoa common in young pups.  I've started treatment today and hope it works quickly!

Meanwhile, the pups continue to gain weight and are nursing well.  Nakita is healthy and has a good appetite.  She is starting to enjoy a little break from the pups for a walk mid day.  A game of fetch with Nelson is always perfect!

Week two with puppies is exciting as they begin to open their eyes and grow increasingly mobile.  Pine was the first to peak at the world but the others are quickly catching up.  We are continuing the Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction work.  They have sniffed worn, leather work gloves, fresh cut grass and mesquite wood from the smoker.  

Sept 21.jpg

Spruce continues to grow, although a little slower than the others.  Larch is also smaller but is growing well now.  It's amazing to watch these little ones find their place at the milk buffet.  You would guess that they would get slim pickings, but they are clever at survival strategies.  Larch and Spruce can almost always be found deep under the pile, suckling happily on the nipples on the far side of Mom.  They don't fight with the big guys - they just burrow under!

We've been supplementing Spruce and Larch with formula but they are not that fond of the bottle.  If they won't take any extra from me, we move the pups into an alternate space and put Spruce and Larch back with Mom for an extra snack a few times a day.  It just ensures that they get as much as they need. 

Puppies grow at their own rate and although it's often hard to believe, even little ones will hit their appropriate size with time.  Although our A Litter was born very small (about 1/3 smaller than these), they hit an average puppy weight by the time they went home.  Of course, the biggest one was still bigger than the smallest - but they were all within the norms for the breed.  I was amazed and relieved that they had been able to catch up from such a difficult start in life.

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