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September 26th

The pups are growing like weeds and getting much more mobile.  They climbed out of the whelping box yesterday, so I added another level at the doorway.  Then today I noticed another one on his way to tumble out and I had to add another level.  

They are walking on all four legs (except for Spruce - although she makes good use of her stump).  They make funny barking noises and little growls that sound more like someone practicing their trilling 'rrrrr' in spanish or italian.  

Mom is doing a good job although she is finding it a bit boring lately.  We have taken her out for a walk and play each day to break up the monotony.  She's pretty happy to be nearby the pups but not always right in the box with them.

Of course, there are many, sharp little teeth these days - so I don't blame her for not staying too long.  The pups sure come to life when she comes into the box. There is a crazy squeaking and squealing as they wriggle around trying to get their lunch spot.

The pups eyes are all open and their ears won't be long now.  They suddenly have started to play with each other, tugging on tails and biting each other on the face.  I hear lots of sucking of feet at night as I'm going to sleep.  This week I need to get set up for a bigger space.  They just won't have enough room to play in the current box.

With puppies, nothing stays the same for very long.  They are very quick to gestate and continue to rocket through major milestones.  I'll keep adding photos and video but you may also want to check my facebook and instagram posts.

I put all the pups into a small carrier to bring them back inside.  They were cozy and comfortable, all heaped up together.  I placed the carrier in their whelping box, but they took them time coming out.


The puppies spent a few minutes outside on the deck today.  It was lovely, warm & sunny.  We can't expect this to last very long so I wanted them to have the experience before it's too late.

Canadian Tree Puppies

How well do you know your trees?

Watch here for the rest of the forest and the answers as to which pup is which.


















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