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Swiss Mountain Dogs

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

23.5 - 28.5 in. at withers

110 - 140 lbs.

Appenzeller Mountain Dog

18.5 - 23 in. at withers

49 - 70 lbs.

The Greater Swiss is the largest of the Swiss Mountain Dogs, known for pulling milk carts in the villages in Switzerland.  They have a short coat and are excellent guardian dogs.

Next is the Bernese, similar in size but with a long, flowing coat.   These affable giants are great with children. 

The Appenzeller is smaller, stocky and strong, with a tightly curled tail.  They are even rarer than Entles.

The Entlebucher is the smallest with a short coat, and an elongated body.  They may have bobbed tails or a long tail with a white tip.

Bernese Mountain Dog

23 - 27.5 in. at withers

65 - 120 lbs.


Many thanks to 

Emilio Landini CàdlaPia BovariSvizzeri


for these lovely photos of the four Swiss Mountain Dog breeds.

Entlebuchers are the smallest of the Swiss Mountain Dog breeds.  All of these Tri-Colour (black, fawn, white) dogs have similar markings but vary tremendously in size, proportion and coat style.

The Greater Swiss and Bernese are giant dogs.  Click here to compare them to the well known Saint Bernard.  The Appenzeller and Entlebucher are medium sized cattle dogs.  Click here to compare them to Labradors and other medium sized herders.

And Click here to see how big each breed gets.

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