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Is an Entlebucher the right breed for you?

Learning More

Any puppy is a big decision.  And Entle pups are so important for breed survival.  We want you to be happy with your choice and encourage you to be sure before you pursue an Entlebucher.  

Entles are not common so it's harder to know what they are like and how they will fit into your family.  There are some great resources available though, once you know where to look.

Our website is a great start.  We've included lots of articles, books and even YouTube videos to get you aquainted with the breed.  When you are ready, contact us about a visit with our Entles.


Are you ready to add a puppy to your family soon?

Apply Now

Entles aren't born everyday.  There just aren't enough breeding dogs.  So, you may have to wait for a puppy.

If you are serious, apply now.  

You will be alerted when a litter is on the way.  Then as the pups mature a little, we will assess their personalities and match them with the best home available.

This way, the pups find a home that meets their needs and you get the pup that is right for you.  

During their first eight weeks, we will help you prepare for your new addition.

In the meantime, join our subscriber list to enjoy updates from Bar TT Ranch.

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What if you need help or support with the pup?

Breeder Support

When you bring an Entlebucher pup home, your life will change.  Not only will you be adding lots of puppy love but you will enlarge your circle of friends with other Entle owners - your litter mates.

Entle owners are well connected to each other, committed to their pups and knowledgeable about this special rare breed.
When you have a question, your breeder and litter mates will be there. Are you concerned about vaccinations? Send us a quick note or call.  Photos are always fun and birthdays are litter events!


More Resources

Exactly What You Need

Entlebuchers are a special breed.  You may want some more resources to learn all about them. 

Check out the following - NEMDA is the Breed Parent Club for Canada and the US.  (
CKC is the Canadian Kennel Club, (
AKC is the American Kennel Club, (
FCI is the International Kennel Club, overseeing all European Kennel Clubs, (

More Resources

At Bar TT Ranch we breed and raise Quarter Horses and Entlebuchers. 


We do it because we love the animals and the lifestyle.  It may not provide many days off but there's plenty to keep us busy and engaged in life.

We fell in love with our first Entlebucher, Nelson and just never looked back.  We look forward to sharing that joy with you!

What We Do

Your little bundle of high energy awaits you

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