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Health of all Bar TT Puppies

This page is devoted to providing a space to communicate any and all health & behaviour updates for our dogs and our puppies.  If your puppy was born at Bar TT Entlebuchers, we care about them for their whole lives.  

As breeders, we want to know what treasures and timebombs may lie hidden within our breeding genes.  Some diseases can be predicted based on parentage and genetic markers but the cause many remain unknown.  Only by maintaining contact with our pups and their families can we stay abreast of any developments.  

Our dogs:

Nelson Hercules v Eagleheart has been healthy, happy and loyal since 2015. At about 4 months, he showed some lameness.  We could not determine a cause and it disappeared within a couple weeks.  He has had a sore leg one other time, after missing in his attempt to jump into the side by side.  He must have been going hard since the hip was sore for several days.

He started to show some gray around the tan muzzle quite early (around his second birthdaty) but otherwise has no complaints.  He loves to play ball and fetch sticks and on the ranch, these are almost continual activities for him.  He has had some wear of his incisors as a result - we had it assessed and learned that he is not in any discomfort although his canines look worn.

Nakita Josephine de Jude la Cathare continues to bounce her way through life.  She continues to have excellent mahogany colouring.  She also showed some  lameness at about 4 months.  Again, we could not determine a cause and it disappeared within a couple weeks.  

She developed fairly severe itching just before her first birthday which has now been resolved for the most part.  She has some sensitivity to pork an venison in food.  Her itchiness is usually confined to around her eyes and snout.  At the worst, she had yeasty ears and an itchy belly as well, but never hot spots or open sores.  The vet calls it atopic dermatitis.

Our puppies:

From the A Litter - the Bar TT Tractors

Ferguson, the puppy collar, has recently been fighting Immune Mediated Haemolytic Anemia (IMHA), an auto-immune condition where his body attacks his red blood cells.  Since the red blood cells contain haemoglobin which is the transporter of oxygen, this condition causes extreme lethargy.  He is being treated with steroids, an attempt to relax & restart his immune system.  So far, he is responding well.  Some breed health descriptions include IMHA along with PRA, luxating patella and hip dysplasia.

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