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Vaccinating Your Puppy

Required Protocol

The timing of puppy vaccinations is very important to their health.  Receiving a vaccine too early means that their bodies are not able to respond and end up ignoring the vaccine.  Having the vaccine too late opens them up to the very real risks of Parvo or Distemper, diseases that kill many young animals.

We have learned through AVIDog that there is now a way to easily calculate the best time for puppy vaccinations.  By taking a blood sample from the dam just before whelping, we can measure the level of her antibodies to Parvo and Distemper.  We now know how to predict the antibody level the puppies will receive at birth and how it declines over time.  The CAVIDS lab that measures the antibodies will provide us with a vaccine schedule which provides us with specific dates for the puppy vaccines.

Without this specific information, your vet likely uses a schedule of 6,9 and 12 weeks or something similar.  The vaccine companies provide this general schedule.  But because we will provide you with a specific schedule calculated for your puppy, you have a better plan.  Please let us know if your vet is not on board and we can provide background information or chat with them.  

One of the best things about this protocol is that once the vaccines are complete, we can check to be sure that your puppy has responded as expected.  There are always individuals that simply do not respond - but if we know this, we can provide advice on how to protect them until we can get them vaccinated effectively.

Space Explorers Vaccination Schedule

Nakita's vaccination titre status is now complete and we have been provided with a recommended schedule for vaccinating the puppies.  Your puppy will have their first vaccine at 7 weeks, before they leave our home but you can plan for their second shot at 10 weeks; that's March 12th.  Then you should plan to have your vet draw blood,  2 weeks later, about March 26th, and send it in to check your protection.

Puppy Nomograph Follow-Up /CDV CPV2 Titer

Sample:  ½ ml serum

Best time for collection is two weeks after the last puppy vaccination, about March 26th.


Please indicate date of birth Jan 2, 2024 and date of sample collection, 

mark the submission form “Puppy Nomograph  follow up” , Dam’s call name "Nakita Josephine de Jude la Cathare" and Breeder’s last name "Little".

Price: $50/sample, enclose a cheque payable to University of Wisconsin with completed serum submission form

Shipping: USPS priority mail (or similar), 2 day delivery.  Overnight shipping is not necessary for this sample. Use shipping address listed on form (printable address label available in separate tab.) “Exempt Animal Specimen”

Packaging: padded envelope or box, protect serum vial from crushing, no cold pack needed for temperatures below 80°F, separate plastic bags for serum and paperwork is recommended.

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