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Ectopic Ureter Syndrome

What is EUS?

What is Ectopic Urinary Syndrome?

Ectopic Urinary Syndrome (EUS) is a disease of the urinary / renal system that can affect Entlebuchers.  It is caused by an anatomical abnormality in the junction of the ureter with the bladder, which is believed to be caused genetically.

How is it treated?

Treatment of EUS depends on its severity.  The mildest cases can be managed with incontinence medication while more severe cases require surgical removal of the abnormal ureter and kidney.  Rarely does the disease affect both sides, which would be fatal.

What are the symptoms?

EUS is generally identified by urine leakage, from occaisional to constant dribbling, and frequent bladder infections.  In severe cases, it can lead to renal failure and death.  But in Entlebuchers it can be 'silent' without symptoms in the dog or their offspring.

At this time, EUS cannot be identified through genetics.  Only invasive physical exams can point to this abnormality, which can often times be of limited impact to dog and owner.

For now, all owners and breeders can do is be aware, watch for house training difficulty and mention this to your veterinarian.

Symptoms of EUS
EUS Treament
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