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Last Minute Opportunity

We just had a family cancel.  They have had some bad news and won't have time to raise puppy after all.  If you are interested in a puppy very soon, please contact us.

Puppies head home starting on Friday, March 1st. They are ready to go.  We will work with you to get you caught up and hold the puppy for a short while so that you can get organized.

Our price is $2,500 USD.

Our contract requires you delay spay or neuter to a minimum of 2 years.

Our contact also requires you to follow our vaccination protocol.  2nd DAP vaccine scheduled for March 12 then blood draw for serum to check titres on March 26th.  Delay rabies vaccine a minimum of 2 weeks beyond this until we know that your puppy is protected against distemper and parvo.

403-650-4909 for phone or WhatsApp

Laureen Little on facebook or messenger

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